COUNTRY: canada
Previous Staff Experience: I was a server support member on Os-Scape for around 4 months, and I became inactive due to school. I was also momentarily a server support on LocoPk.
Why should we choose you? I strongly believe that I would be a very helpful staff member, and that the players of the server, can rely on me to offer their needs at all times.
Briefly explain three qualities of a good staff member: The first quality that will make a good staff member, is being reliable. When a person is put into the position to help and deliver on expectations and needs for a player, it is important for the staff member to be able to rely on themselves to be able to deliver the service to them. this will result into a positive relationship between the staff members and the players. The second quality, that will make a good staff member is having leadership skills, the power of leaderships, starts with self-confidence, and being able to present this to the entire staff team, this will send a positive energy, towards the other staff members. the last quality that makes a good staff member is being self-motivated. this is very important, because if a staff member is not motivated to be able to serve and help the players, when they will not deliver the best possible service. Being self-motivated will allow that member to be able to give service and help to the best of their ability.