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Suggestons / Fixes - Tim

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    Suggestons / Fixes - Tim

    I've come up with a few suggestions / Fixes that I thought I'd might share.

    1) You are currently able to cast most enchantment etc spells while skilling this is quite normal for a spell such as "Alching" But when smithing you can currently spam superheat while using ore on the furnace this creating a smithing method that's X2 as fast as normal. Should probably been changed so when casting superheat it stops the furnace smithing action.

    2)At the moment there is a option on star dust saying "Exchange" that doesn't work it would be a great Quaility of life update to make this option Exchange your star dust into the star dust boxes.

    3) The G.E interface still glitches out when used you have to relog for the still image to change to your current inventory setup.

    4) Achievements need to be more rewarding in my opinion for example Elite achievement of doing like 20 firecapes is like a 10m reward and 4 extra firecapes sorta pointless reward, just think certain achievements that take alot of time and effort should give slighty better rewards.

    5) I think a open beta world should be accessable for new content so players that know the game very well can test new content before it enters the day. pretty much "beta testers"

    6) I personally still think donator boxes etc should be alittle buffed due to the fact at this stage your mostly donating for cosmetics I think with a higher donation reward the server would get more donations and player would get their moneys worth, if that means creating new boxes like "skilling boxes" etc that gives you skilling items so on so on.

    7) Would be awesome if we can get like a runelite based client where you can highlight tiles etc just alittle QoL update that would be.

    8) Dragon axe etc has no spec (This is meant to increase your woodcut levle etc)


    10) Tested dragon hunter crossbow on Olm doesn't seem to have the dragon effect it should have on it. (Could be wrong but im sure my testing is correct)

    11) Achievements and Diaries should be highlighted green when a task is completed.

    12) All the herbs in the general store need to be removed, give herblore and herbs a reason to be in the game and a good drop. Alot of mistex bosses drop herbs etc and at the moment thats just a shit drop being all the herbs are in the general store for like 1GP each, this also gives farming a better reason to be used. (OR atleast buff the prices up on the herbs cause 1GP is a joke.)

    13) Make comp cape recolorable or something like maxcape add on perks example (Infernal maxcape) because the cape just being plan sucks)
    14) Add on to that maybe add some really nice perks to comp cape giving it a extra reason for players to try and obtain it, such as maybe a drop rate bonus etc

    15) Superior Twisted bow even though it might cost alot its damage is great but having it a 1 handed bow is just brain dead stupid, the fact you can use the best DPS item in game which a shield such as a Divine is really really Over powered.

    16) Increase the DPS on corp with vesta spear etc etc as its meant to be one of the best in slots for killing corp at the moment blowpipe is better.

    17) When venom at Zulrah your health orb should turn a dark green color showing the player they are currently venomed at this stage it doesn't change and stays normal red etc

    18) Kalphite Queen Boss has a way to high tracker on her for finding the player and attacking example, it can follow you around the whole Kalphite room attacking you, This is very annoying when doing a Kalphite task such as workers etc.

    19) Wildy slayer the point rewards are slacking compeared to other slayer masters and should slighty be buffed due to you being the wild and risking items when doing slayer.

    20) Giant mole being the the wild is stupid, needs to have its own room. No point of the boss being the wild when it doesn't even drop anything decent just annoying.

    21) Donators have access to ::Toggle casket, it would be a great add to make ::Toggle crystalkeys and make it so C Key tooths and halfs are added to your inventory when a npc is killed like the same as ::toggle casket.

    22) I Think you need to unlock the perk to color a slayer helm instread of being free from the slayer master gives players more reason to do slayer.

    23) Statius warhammer's skin needs to be fixed its currently just a purple hammer.

    24) When obtaining a drop like morrigan axes from revs in the gobal chat it doesnt state the item it justs tells you "Tim has recieved a rare drop of ____x50" Blank item

    25) Maybe adding a way donators can create custom yell tags that would be cool

    26) alot of players are complaining about God Wars, I think they are alright and dont need a nurf or anything but if you could just have a quick look into it.

    27) The max cape perk of random double ore etc doesnt work on Stardust would be great if it did.

    Ummn thats about it for now that i can think of on the top of my head. Thanks

    Thank you very much for this list of Suggestions, I love the ideas, and some are a thing already and others are in the works, the rest are good Ideas