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Zulrah Guide. (Detailed)

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    Zulrah Guide. (Detailed)

    Welcome to my Zulrah guide!
    This guide will be full of information regarding the boss, gear, tips and loot!
    I hope this guide comes in use for some people and will help you start the grind!

    Information on Zulrah!
    Zulrah is a level 725 snake boss that you can only attack using Range or Mage. It is an instanced boss which mean it is safe on death so if you die during the fight you will re-spawn outside the boat with everything.
    It has 500 hitpoints and will poison you and has 3 different stages. Magic,Range,Melee. Zulrah doesn't require a slayer requirement to kill.

    Information on Zulrah Drops!
    Zulrah's most expensive and rare drops are Serpentine Visage, Magic fang and Tanzanite Fang. It also drops uncut Onyx's and the dragon hally.
    You can see other drops such as common drops like dragon bones by pressing the NPC Drops selection at the bottom right icon.

    Information on Gear to kill Zulrah!
    This gear below is the cheapest and worst gear you could use to kill Zulrah, It can easily be upgraded like the image on the right.
    Recoils are needed for killing the snakelings, (Rune pouch on the right is for Veng for more DPS)
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Zulrah Gear.PNG
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ID:	317Click image for larger version

Name:	Zulrah Gear 2.PNG
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Size:	282.9 KB
ID:	318

    Information on Killing Zulrah!
    Zulrah has 3 stages, each stage has a different colour version of Zulrah which do different attacks. These 3 attacks are Range, Magic and Melee.
    GREEN ZULRAH - You will need to protect from Range and use your Magic Setup to kill this stage of Zulrah.
    RED ZULRAH - you will need to Protect from Melee and use your Range setup to kill this stage of Zulrah.
    BLUE ZULRAH - you will need to protect from magic and use your Range Setup

    *Killing Zulrah you will need to make sure your ring of recoil is on to kill the snakes while making sure you are not in a venom cloud if so use your antidote potions to cure yourself.*

    Hope this helps you on your Zulrah grind and Enjoy