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Getting Started As An Ultimate Iron Man

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    Getting Started As An Ultimate Iron Man

    Hey y'all Its Sam Cro So you want to start a UIM or are thinking about it? lets start with the basic's of what an Ultimate Ironman is.
    An UIM is a challenge account where you have all the restrictions of a normal Ironman and you have no bank. This keeps a lot of people away from making a UIM build, but for you who do not mind a challenge there are ways around having no bank if you have the patience and a little bit of creative thinking .

    Suggestions on how to start out there are a few ways you can start your journey thats right this isn't really a sprint its kinda a marathon.
    You could start out with skilling like for example some really important things to an Ironman is well all your skills you really use in this account build.
    This is what sets you out from the normal run of the mill to successes in a UIM or any Ironman type you will need every skill you have include your wits.
    That being said depending on what you want to do first I would suggest getting a base state of at least 40 at rock crabs to start out with.
    Than you can come back to the Home location and there is an iron store there. Than you could start working on Fishing and cooking. And well you are at the Ironman shop I would pick up the items you would need to grow some Guam plants. You need a spade, Seeder, bucket, and watering can. Go plant some Guams in the herb patch, to afk farming and herbivore exp well you are training fishing and cooking. once you hit around 40 cooking and have some lobsters in your invent. I would suggest starting slayer tasks as well to start stacking slayer points to get you a trusty slayer helm.

    Well this is just a kinda short getting started hope you enjoy you can hit me up in game when I'm on hope to see you out there