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What do you Expect of this Server Would be like ?

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    What do you Expect of this Server Would be like ?

    Hey Guys, i was thinking that suggestion is just not enough for us to know what you guys really want to be implemented to the server.

    So i gonna Open This thread for you guys tell us what roughly you expect this server should Have
    i.e. = "
    - I expect this server be one of the best Eco Server out there, so i can stake and feel that my money really worth it, gamble with it and buy Cool stuff.

    - I would love bosses should better mechanics and intensive battles that never ever seen in another Server.

    - If i could do something i would love to implement an Unique item that have cool stats and something to grind out.

    - I would love you guys hear my crazy idea ! about a new System Upgrading of armours and weapons like in another games and balance it to kill monster faster without break the game

    - I would love that donator could have a better site and more benefits like "this... this and this".....


    The point of this, is develop a better server for you guys our Players, for some reason you choose us and you stay with us. So we want you guys have to enjoy your decision and make your time have even a bigger value.

    Help us to develop a better server for you.

    We care about all your opinion and hear everything of what you have to say, even if you have crazy ideas... who knows maybe other ppl like that idea and we could implement it and put your credits on it.

    I gonna be Reading all your ideas and what you expect of us.